Ten tips to get the best from delivery auction sites – part 2

If you missed the first half of this post last week you can check it out here.

Looking around the internet on social networking sites and forums there are a lot of couriers, hauliers and other transport companies that aren’t seeing the full benefits of transport comparison websites. Our experience shows that there are number of things you can do to give yourself a much better chance of gaining, regular, quality business from them.

6.       Do a good job

Obviously you’ll do anything not to do a bad job, but sometimes things go wrong. If they do, make sure you communicate with the customer, apologise, reschedule and keep them on side. They’re only human and they’ll understand as long as they are kept in the loop. Do what you can to rescue the job and reap the rewards of a repeat customer, word of mouth recommendation and positive feedback.

7.       Ask for feedback

It isn’t always compulsory for customers to give feedback to transport companies, but that doesn’t stop you from asking. One or two positive endorsements from them will improve your chances of getting work no end.

8.       Leave your card

First time customers especially are likely to pass on your details to friends and family if they have a good experience. If you have a business card, or suitable flyer, leave it with customers when you pick-up so they can easily refer you or even contact you again, directly.

9.       Perseverance

You may not get every job you bid on or you may not be in a position to bid on jobs very often, but keep trying! Just one good job can mean a plethora of new business.

10.       Smile

As clichéd as it sounds a smile goes a long way!

Here at deliveryquotecompare.com we often see customers not accepting the lowest price bid, many would rather use a company they can get lots of information about and therefore trust.

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