Technology you couldn’t live without on the road

Technology can make a delivery driver’s working day easier and more enjoyable. Here are the top 3 gadgets many couriers can’t live without:

Sat navs
We would literally be lost without them! Car dealer Motorpoint did an online poll of over 2,700 drivers which revealed that nearly 14 per cent of them would have no idea where they were going without a sat nav. Worldwide sales have now reached 100 million. However, sat navs are also responsible for their share of problems. Leading manufacturer Tom Tom has admitted that it receives on average 100 complaints a week from drivers who have been sent the wrong way by their systems, so all drivers working for transport companies  should make sure they still keep maps in their vehicles, just in case.

Mobile phones
Mobile phones are vital for drivers working for delivery companies. They allow them to stay in contact with their colleagues, customers and family throughout the day. If road closures or poor weather conditions are going to cause delays, drivers can keep the relevant people informed. Smartphones are especially useful, providing access to sat nav applications, email, music and web content.

Audio equipment
Music makes a delivery driver’s day go much quicker. Some drivers still rely on their radio and the few CDs they keep in the van, but their more tech-savvy colleagues access additional audio content via their smartphones or MP3 players. A TRS connector, also known as an audio jack, costs around £2 and allows you to play audio from your phone or iPod through your stereo. Audiobooks and podcasts are ideal for long journeys. Whether you’re interested in sport, current affairs or comedy, you will find audiobooks and podcasts to suit you.

What else can’t you live without on the road? Leave us a comment.

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