Traffic Commissioner and freight companies worry about phone usage

Twenty-two truck drivers have had their licenses suspended for using their mobile phones while driving. They were caught during operation Tramline, a police campaign using a police truck to target dangerous commercial road haulage drivers.

Their licenses were suspended for up to three weeks. A hearing was held highlighting how valuable road haulage is in the UK and that rising fears of mobile usage while driving could damage UK haulage companies and pallet delivery services due to the decreasing tolerance to offenders.

Sarah Bell, Traffic commissioner, took the opportunity to reiterate the risks of mobile usage whilst driving “Drivers who persist in using handheld mobile phones, laptops and other mobile devices while driving place other road users at risk”, she said.

“This hearing should sound a warning to transport operators that their vehicles must be operated within regulations and with consideration for others’ safety – or their business will be affected “. Bell’s comments have since then been backed up by Ian Gallagher, FTA policy manager for the southwest. “The message that came out of the hearing was and loud and clear” he says. “If you drive while using the phone, you are putting your license and your livelihood at jeopardy”.

“FTA totally endorses the actions taken by the traffic Commissioner and applauds the Operation Tramline initiative in its bid to make our roads safer, by punishing offenders and raising awareness,” adds Gallagher.

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