How to use Delivery Quote Compare

Delivery Quote Compare is a fabulous resource for anyone looking for cheap courier, man and van, home removals, pallet or parcel delivery services, but there are a number of ways you can ensure you’re reaping the benefits in full that you may not be aware of.

It may sound simple, but remember to check your emails. There’s no way you’ll receive the best possible price for your item/s unless you actually pick up and read the quotes you’re receiving. Leaving your response too long may mean a quote is no longer valid, or you may miss out on a cheaper quote if information is further requested that you fail to reply to.

Always use accurate measurements and weights when describing your item/s as accurate quotes will rely on them. Size and weight determine so much about how your item/s will be transported, this cost can vary if inaccurate information is given. If you’re using Delivery Quote Compare’s eBay Delivery section, that information should be included in the seller’s listing but it’s important to remember that if it’s wildly incorrect your costs could change. If you really don’t know, guestimates are allowed but please remember that your quotes will only be guestimates too and prices may change once accurate size and weight is known.

Destination is another biggie. Where exactly your item/s needs to be collected from and where exactly it needs to be delivered will also determine cost, so listing the delivery location as London when you mean an orbiting suburb could result in a difference of ten miles and a completely different cost. The benefit of knowing how much it will cost you to transport something from one place to another is only a benefit if it’s accurate afterall.

Delivery Quote Compare offers the option of uploading a picture of the item you’re sending so that companies bidding on your item/s can get some idea of the size and shape. In fact, listings with images receive up to 60% more bids than listings without, so it’s well worth making the extra effort. The more bids you get the greater scope you have for choosing a service that falls within your budget.

All companies signed up have user feedback attached, so before you accept a quote take a moment to review what other Delivery Quote Compare users have to say about them. Make your decision an informed one and know you’re going to get a great service at a great price without leaving anything to chance.

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