Reviews are important!

The online world is a minefield when trying to find reliable and real information, from fake news to false advertising it can be difficult to know who to trust.

An interesting article from talks about companies asking their staff to leave positive reviews about their company and culture to enhance the companies profile.

Zoek is one off the UK’s leading job boards and understands the need for users to trust the information potential employers advertise. Much in the way Delivery Quote Compare understand the need to trust reviews for the companies that work on our market place.

Transporter Feedback

At Delivery Quote Compare the reviews you see from other customers about our transporters are real. They cannot be added by the transporters themselves and we invite ALL our customers to leave a review following transport.

Listing a job on Delivery Quote Compare is simple, list what you’re moving where from and where to and out transporters will provide your with real quotes. At this stage read what others have said about them, ask them questions through the website and book with confidence knowing that the information you see is accurate.

The internet can be a wild place at times but Delivery Quote Compare can take away some of the stress from your transport requirements and save you up to 75% off the cost.

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