Viewing a House

Friday is the most popular day for viewing a house. Before you go have a think about the following.

Family stood outside a new house

Go and have a look

Have a drive around, check out the local shops and most importantly the local pub, you can really get an insight into the types of neighbours you’ll have before even viewing a house.

Check out local amenities

If you’ve got kids of school age it goes without saying you’d need to check the local Ofsted reports. But also check out the local doctors’ surgeries (You can check with the CQC here and check you can register with a local dentist.

Viewing a house -Prep for you visit

Write a list of the things you’re looking for in a property. It sounds silly but sometimes its easy to forget checking storage space or that the kitchen has gas and electric.

Take photos

It’s obviously polite to ask but, if its ok with the current owner, take photos to remind yourself late. If you view a few properties its easy to forget or confuse ne with the other.

Check outside

Regardless of the weather have a look round the outside, check window sills and paint work and guttering.

Ask about the boiler

Again sounds a bit daft but checking what type of boiler tha house has and how old it is could save you a bundle. A boiler over 5-7 years old could need replacing soon and that can run onto thousands that you don’t need to add to your moving budget.

Ask about council tax

Quite often the estate agaent will publish a council tax band, but ask the current ower exactly what it costs.

Don’t be put off by the decorating

Dollies and taffeta might not be your thing but look at the potential. Take into account however the cost of renovating awful design choices, a quick wap of paint is not too bad but painting over the black walls in the cellar could take some time…….

Bicycle upcycled to a sink

Whichever house you choose we hop you like the place, the area and the neighbours. Remember that can save you up to 75% on the cost of your move.

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