Moving into Downing Street

July will see a new Prime Minister moving into Downing Street. As early as last October rumours of Terresa May leaving were already looming.

At least the Tory leadership battle allows Mrs May some time to pack boxes and clean behind the radiators, whereas serving PM’s fighting an election might lose the vote and have to leave effectively that day!

Mr Chicken

The last private resident, Mr Chicken, left the Downing street House in 1732 to set up his lucrative fried food franchise chain. (No not really, it was a man called Mr Chicken but little is known about him). The property was then presented to Sir Robert Walpole the first PM, although at this time his title was lord of the treasury, PM wasn’t used until 1905. Sir Robert only accepted the property on the understanding that it would be at the disposal of all future LOT’s

Having nearly been flattened during the blitz and early falling down before renovations in the 1950’s Downing Street is recognised around the world as the power centre for the UK government.

Number 10-11

Since 1997 the Prime Minister actually lives at number 11 as the residence is larger and more suited to a family. This began with the Blairs and Gordon brown and has carried on ever since, although Teresa May doesn’t have a large family she benefits from the large kitchen to indulge her passion for cooking.

Love Actually PM
Love Actually Prime Minister played by Hugh Grant

If the new PM were to look for a similar property in this part of London Foxtens the estate agents estimate it would cost around £130,000 to rent per year. So moving into Downing Street might be outside many peoples budget.

Combined with this there’s the country cottage getaway, Chequers which is worth about £397,000 pa

Regardless of who’s moving in and out the removal companies will be busy, the old and new PM should check out our blog on moving house for expert tips (keep the kettle handy)

At least they won’t have the usual problem of collecting keys from estate agent offices, the door at Number 10 (or 11) is manned 24 hours a day, doesn’t have keys and can only be opened from inside.

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