Renovating The House – Do It Cheaply!

There’s a reason home improvement shows make for popular television, and the secrets to a successful renovation that shows personality and uniqueness while coming in under budget are always worth watching. Second hand is the perfect way to save some pounds, and will often gain you items that are far better quality than modern day equivalents, particularly when it comes to furniture.

If you’re looking to overhaul the old homestead, grab yourself some bargain furniture and shabby chic it up, your best place to start looking is online. Furniture, and anything else people aren’t wanting any more, is listed for free on Sign up for free, watch the listings, post your own wanted ad and find yourself some great pieces. Alternatively, for cheap pre-loved furniture, turn to Gumtree, eBay and Facebook for local (and not so local) offers of items that match your requirements.

With so many second hand options available to you, and all at low prices, missing out on furniture just because your car isn’t big enough or the location’s too far away, can mean missing out on the bargain of a lifetime. And that’s where couriers come in. Or, grab yourself a man and a van who will bring your new-to-you furniture direct to your door.

Costs can be far lower than you’d imagine to transport that perfectly sized, beautiful sofa that matches your curtains impeccably. Anything large and bulky, particularly anything so large and bulky it won’t fit in an average sized car, will suit a man and van service and will open up your search radius, giving you a better chance for finding the best match.

Use comparison websites, like, to get quotes from transport providers across the UK. No matter your location, or the location of that fabulous Edwardian wardrobe, you can easily find out the cheapest price to transport it home. And if you’re an eBay aficionado, use DQC’s eBay delivery service for delivery quotes that are compatible with eBay listings so you get an accurate costing based on the information available in the advert.

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