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Shed in garden

Moving a shed, How to make it easy


Every garden needs a shed. It’s a simple rule really. You need a place to put your garden tools because they’ll only clutter up the house.  However, moving house presents a unique problem. What if the new place doesn’t have one for you to use? Well, you can buy a new one but they’re expensive […]

Clock and Calendar

Timing your collections and deliveries


Transportation is, like many things, time sensitive. Say you’re a student moving out of halls, you can’t exactly hang about until you’re kicked out. Maybe you’re selling something, the buyer is going to want it sharpish. The importance of timing can’t be understated. It is in every step of using a transporter. 1 Putting an […]

Volkswagen LT - van delivery vehicle

Tips on buying a used van, physical and legal


No transporter is complete without a van. It’s literally one of the two components of “Man in Van”. However purchasing one can be expensive, you can expect to pay between £20,000/£30,000 for a brand new van. Plus their resale value drops off a cliff as soon as you drive them off the dealer’s parking lot. […]

Delivery Quote Compare: How to get more quotes


Delivery Quote Compare allows customers easy access to transporters across the country. Because of this we get a lot of items put up for them to make quotes on. Following certain steps, you can get the highest number of quotes possible, and the best deal.   Be flexible on timing: The basic overview of this […]

Planning a day’s journey, transporters running efficiently


As a transporter, you know that the more jobs you can do, the more money you can bring in. However, picking too many is how you end up spinning too many plates and disappointing customers. Get your journey to maximum efficiency with these simple ideas.   Plan your route: Fail to plan, plan to fail. […]

Snooker table

Snooker tables, The bulkiest sports equipment


Pumps, Dart boards, Slot-machines. All things you can find in your local pub. You can find of course as the centrepiece of the far corner empty space, the snooker table. It’s a staple of times out drinking with buddies and missing the easiest shots. It’s also a sport worth millions with tables that have to […]

Example of upright pianos

Pianos, a basic guide to moving them


Think of the classic slapstick comedy set-ups. A banana peel before a flight of stairs, painting a tunnel into a wall only to have the hero run straight through. The grand piano suspended dangerously from a building lies among these titans as one of the classic “There is no way this can go well” situations. […]

Trailer or Van? Which is best for you?


Transporting goods is impossible without the proper equipment to carry it, obvious right? Well sometimes it can be a little difficult to predict what you’ll need for the job. Even if you know the size of the goods they might have certain needs you need to care for. Or perhaps you are starting out and […]

BttF DeLorean

Famous Cars and how much they sold for in auction


Transporting cars is special to the cars owners. The money can be high or low but to them the car is one of the most valuable things their household has. Some vehicles however get beyond this personal level and become valuable the world over. These are vehicles that require the same VIP treatment as the […]

Hula Girl figure

The top 5 best van decorations


When you’re driving around the country transporting goods, your van becomes almost a second home. When this happens the plain dashboard gets a little… boring. It needs that personal touch to make it feel like home. Worry not for this list will show the best types of decorations for your money making vehicle. 5. The […]