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A beginners guide to courier marketplaces


Many transport providers use courier marketplaces to find work. These online services provide an easy way to increase your return loads and make more money. Whether you specialise in parcel delivery, courier services or man and van jobs, you can use to find work. Unlike other online courier marketplaces, works on a simple […]

Using an animal courier


Are you moving house or simply looking for a stress-free way to transport your pet to a holiday destination? You may even be an animal breeder or welfare group looking for a way to move animals safely. If you need to transport live a live animal, you will require an animal courier. This is a […]

Tips for lifting goods safely


Working alone is often the main attraction of providing a man and van service, but this does come with certain health and safety hazards. Your health is your most important asset, so you must remain aware of potential dangers when lifting goods. Check the object before trying to lift it A small size object does […]

Health advice for couriers travelling to mainland Europe


Travelling to mainland Europe is commonplace for many UK couriers, but you still need to make sure you have had the correct immunisations for continental European travel. Couriers should also familiarise themselves with the standard health precautions to take when travelling abroad. The health risks of travelling will vary between individuals, and many issues need […]

Using an eBay courier


When you are selling items on eBay, you need to find an experienced eBay courier. Whether you are running an eBay store or just selling a few things you no longer want, you will need to get quotes from cheap couriers or parcel delivery services. If you are sending anything larger than an envelope or […]

Why are petrol prices changing so much?


It’s one of the biggest frustrations for any driver…you pull up to the pumps and the price has changed again! Recent increases have been blamed on tax and the panic buying of last month, but in fact the fluctuations are much more than just that… Oil prices The cost of oil has been volatile lately, […]

Keeping fit while you’re on the road


It can be difficult for couriers to stay healthy and active. Your job can make it tough to get enough exercise, which can lead to issues such as obesity, sleep apnoea and chronic back problems. Lack of exercise is also directly linked to mental health problems such as depression. It isn’t hard to see why […]

Fuel strikes – the saga continues


It already seems as though the threat of fuel strikes has been hanging over us for some time now, but the news this week that an offer has been rejected means it is yet to last. As the AA revealed today the price of petrol is back on the rise, ACAS announced that talks aimed […]

Making a Choice Between the Different Types of Delivery Services Available


When you need to have an item or a number of items transported, it can be difficult to know which service you require. Here is Delivery Quote Compare’s quick and easy guide to the options available. Parcel Delivery Service A parcel delivery service is the cheapest delivery option. It is often cheaper than Royal Mail, […]

Alternative fuel vehicles – an option to stop traffic pollution ‘killing thousands’?


A shocking report out yesterday suggests that pollution is ‘twice as deadly as traffic accidents’. Whilst the comparison is somewhat alarmist  – pollution contributes to long-term illnesses which cause deaths, whereas road traffic accidents kill instantly – there is no doubt that the figures are worrying. There are many arguments both for and against commuters […]