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Premier Rush Courier Movie

The Courier as Hero


A bicycle courier might be unusual choice for a hero but one is the star of one of the latest American action films. A bicycle courier has to ride across New York City with a delivery

Normal or Electric vans

Unusual Deliveries


Couriers can be asked to deliver all sorts of items, deliveries can be unusual. If it needs to be transported, then it is the role of the courier to deliver.

Technical Courier

Would you like to be a Technical Courier?


As a technical courier delivering technical items the courier will install them rather than the customer having to wait for an “expert” to arrive.

Man in a Van

Why Choose the Man in a Van?


The man in a van is the corner stone of courier work .Flexible and reliable, where local transport is needed he is often the first person people turn to.

Courier Scam

Avoiding courier scams


There are some scams aimed specifically at the courier. They sound like a good way to improve your business and earn money and it is very easy to be caught out by them.

Courier Van

What’s the best transport for a courier?


The job of a courier is to move items from A to B. This is sometimes from one country to another, across country or only across a city or town, but whatever the distance you are travelling, you need to choose the right type of transport. Courier Vehicles Depending on Distance Firstly you need to […]

Courier Tips

Top five tips for being the best courier


Everyone wants to be the best in their business or at least one of the best. So how do you become one of the best couriers around? Hard work, reliability and a great reputation

Unsuccessful Deliveries

Avoiding Unsuccessful Deliveries


Unsuccessful deliveries are time consuming, frustrating and can cost time and money for you and your customers. Failed deliveries are the biggest cause of complaints

Getting paid as a courier

How to get paid as a courier


You work as courier in order to get paid but bad debts, late payments and cash flow problems can mean the difference between success and failure.

Van Insurance

Different types of van insurance


There are many different types of van insurance, couriers and man in van deliverers need to look at van insurance that will cover them.