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National Export Week


This week is National Export Week, and UK Trade & Investment have organised over one hundred events across the UK, inviting small and medium sized enterprises to participate in any local events of interest. UKTI is the Government Department responsible for helping UK-based companies expand into overseas markets and can give advice on whether your […]

Do you know a great Transport Manager?


There’s always a lynchpin to any business, the person who organises, who sorts out the logistics, and who is indispensible to the day-to-day success of a company. For the logistics sector, that person is the Transport Manager, often an overlooked and under appreciated role without whom there would be no logistics in a very real […]

HGV Speed Limit Plans


The Department for Transport released information today on its consultation regarding the speed limit for HGVs. Vehicles over 7.5 tonnes are restricted to 40mph on single carriageways, and concerns have risen that this restriction is taking a financial toll on companies involved in freight and logistics, is creating congestion, as well as potentially causing unnecessary […]

delivery jobs in london

Delivery Jobs In London


As of 2011, approximately 8,174,100 people lived in London, an area covering 1,570km2 of land and the UK’s capital city. Not bad for a place where the official City is just under a mile square and contains no actual roads (streets, yes, but no named roads). With innumerable businesses, streets and residential areas, the potential […]

Moving Home Tips

Top Tips For Moving Home


Moving home is a stressful, and often seemingly overwhelming project that depends heavily on organisation. Planning is key, and there are a number of stages that you can work through as your move gets closer so that you’re not left feeling overwhelmed by the time you close the door on your old property. Lists are […]

Top Tips For Sending Jewellery


There may be a number of reasons why you’d need to send jewellery via a trusted delivery service, the most common being that you’re the owner of an online jewellery store that requires delivery instead of collection. While security may, and should be, a priority when looking for a reliable delivery service, there are other […]

The Cost Of Customs


When purchasing items from abroad, as well as the cost of the item and postage, it’s important to remember that customs charges may also be applicable. Here in the UK, it’s the HMRC that control what can and can’t be imported in to the country, and how much it will cost you to have that […]

Getting The Most Out Of Delivery Quote Compare


Delivery Quote Compare is a fabulous resource for anyone looking for cheap courier, man and van, home removals, pallet or parcel delivery services, but there are a number of ways you can ensure you’re reaping the benefits in full that you may not be aware of. It may sound simple, but remember to check your emails. […]

Sending Parcels Abroad


A day in the life of a parcel and the many and varied ways it can travel is probably something most people don’t really think about. But when you’re looking to send your parcel abroad, the route, service and destination all play a part in determining how it travels, and how long it will be […]

Inner van modifcations

Top Tips For Organised Drivers


Getting organised before you set off can make all the difference between a successful delivery run and sheer hell. With a little care, planning and organisation, you can take most of the stress out of your day so that all you have to cope with is the traffic. Start by being clear on your route; […]