On the move: New year fitness tips for van drivers

Couriers and van drivers spend most of their time sitting down and working unsociable hours, so trying to keep in shape can be something of a challenge.

And while many people will be making New Year’s resolutions about getting in fit and shifting a few pounds, that might not be so easy to do if most of your day is spent behind the wheel.

Throw in an often poor and inconsistent diet and van drivers can struggle to stay in shape.

However, getting and staying in shape is not impossible for couriers and here are a few New Year’s tips to get you on the road to fitness:

Get moving every day

While your job may have you one the move every day, it’s usually with the aid of a set of wheels. Doing just 15 minutes of moderate exercise each day can help keep you fit and healthy.

A combination of running on the spot, squats, press-ups or star jumps each day for just a quarter of an hour can get your heart rate up, which will help burn fat and tone muscles. You don’t have to run a 5k every day, just get moving before you climb into your truck for a day’s work

Work out on the job

When the job involves sitting behind a wheel for most of the day, you might not think you can do any kind of exercise. However, you can maintain a strong core by occasionally pulling in your abs while you and seeing how long you can hold them for. Maybe hold them in until a traffic light changes from red to green or a song on the radio finishes.

Take advantage of service stations

If your job takes you on long journeys each day, you’ll naturally want to stop at a service station and grab a breather and maybe a cup of coffee. Try to use the opportunity to stretch out your legs and arms. Roll your head back and forth and side to side to release the tension in your neck.

Go nuts and chuck out the chips

Working long, unsociable hours can lead to a lot of on-the-road snacking. There’s nothing wrong with that in theory, it’s just that many of the traditional snack foods are high in fat, sugar and salt. Swapping over to healthier snacks such as plain, organic nuts and dried fruit can satisfy your hunger without piling on the pounds.

Drink lots of water

You may think this will mean running to the toilet every 15 minutes, which isn’t ideal when you spend so much time on the road, but there are many health and fitness benefits to drinking water. It’s recommended that adults drink two litres of water every day.

It helps to give you energy and boosts your metabolism. This helps your body to burn fat quicker.

Drinking water when you feel hungry can help suppress that hunger, meaning you are less likely to reach for a fatty snack.

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