How will couriers cope with the post-Christmas lull?

While it may seem the work will never end up to Christmas, the new year can bring a different experience for couriers. All the festive madness very quickly gets replaced by a lull as everyone tries to tighten the belts and cutting back. Work dries up and jobs become few and far between.

Many retailers experience a drop-off at this time of year and try to shift some stock by having January sales. However, while retailers may try to stimulate businesses to see them through, couriers, especially those who are self-employed, can find it difficult to find consistent work to keep them going.

So what should they do? Here are a few suggestions for couriers to deal with the post-Christmas lull.

Look after your vehicle

If you use a car or van while working as a courier, chances are it will have clocked up a lot of miles over the Christmas period. When things are a bit quieter in the new year, it may be a good idea to have it checked over. It may need new tyres or brake pads or the oil levels might need to be topped up.

All of those little jobs you kept putting off can be done now. It’s important to look after your vehicle as it is your primary source of income and that thing that keeps you on the road.

Get it checked over, clean it inside and out and use the new year to give your vehicle a new start. This can also help you to look the part as you try and grab whatever work is out there.

Return to action

Although retail suffers a downturn in the new year, it doesn’t disappear completely. In fact, it can be a busy time for returns. Many companies including Amazon have said that customers can return items right up to January 31.

This means there are still packages and parcels travelling around, which means there is work to be had for couriers. It may be a good idea to find out which delivery companies service which retailers and where the work might be when it comes to making those returns.

Advertise your services

When business is slow, that is the time to let people know you are there. For self-employed couriers, there might be work to be had delivery groceries from local independent stores. Try putting a notice in the window of a local store or advertising on social media.

Do a bit of research and find out which types of stores are busy at this time of year and approach them to ask if they need any delivery services.

Being adaptable is vital when trying to survive a downturn, so keep an eye on the trends within the industry and seek out opportunities where they arise, even if they are outside your comfort zone.

With knowledge of roads and streets and driving experience, you may be able to get a few shifts as a taxi driver or chauffeur.

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