Moving A Static Caravan

moving a static caravanAlthough the whole point behind buying a static caravan is that it stays where it is, there may come a time when you’d like to move your caravan to a new home on a new site, perhaps several hundred miles away from where it currently sits. Just because your caravan doesn’t have wheels, doesn’t make it an impossible feat.

Getting your static caravan some wheels is as easy as hiring a specialist caravan moving company or similar, who have low-loader vehicles capable of transporting large and heavy objects safely. Your caravan sits on the back, and the wheels of the truck become the wheels of your caravan.

Where it actually becomes difficult is if your caravan is over twelve feet wide and/or if narrow country roads need to be navigated. By law, if one or the other (or both) of those conditions are met by your caravan and its transport then you’re going to need to pay for an escort.

Wide load escorts flank the actual transport vehicle both front and back, and will have flashing lights to make it very clear to other motorists that there is a wideload on the road. You will also need police clearance for your caravan on its transporter to be allowed along the route it needs if your caravan is over 12 ft wide.

Of course, professional caravan movers know all the ins and outs, can advise you on what’s needed and what isn’t, and can arrange it all for you, leaving you to get back to planning your next caravan holiday at its new site. To get started, use our online form to fill out the details of your caravan and move, and registered companies capable of meeting your requirements will send you free quotes to choose from.

We’ve even made it easier for you to choose as all our registered companies are customer rated, so you can make sure you’ll get the best price and service possible. Be sure to check insurance requirements and be clear on what cover is available. If in doubt, always ask!

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