How do Couriers Transport Touring Caravans?

It may be pretty obvious to most how you transport a touring caravan, but you can have the job carried out by a courier. While a static caravan will have to be lifted and loaded onto a flatbed truck, a touring caravan can be transported by simply being towed.

However, people can outsource the job for several reasons. One of the reasons is after the initial purchase when the caravan needs to be transported from the dealer’s showroom to the customer’s house. In some cases, this can be a long journey and if the customer has never towed a caravan before, they may be more confident have a professional to the job.

Some caravan owners may not have a tow bar on their car or van and need assistance transport their touring caravan while others may wish to have it transport over a longer distance than they are used to.

So how do couriers transport touring caravans? Here are the steps a caravan owner needs to know.


The first step in having a touring caravan transported by a courier is to contact the transportation company. They will ask you to provide them with information about the make and model of the caravan and where you want it towed to and from and when.

Based on the information you give them, they will provide you with a price and timescale for completing the transportation of the caravan.


A courier will usually use a large car, SUV or van to tow a caravan to its required destination. Whatever vehicle they use will be fitted with a tow bar. You will need to make sure the caravan is ready to be transported at the agreed time and place.

A courier who is experienced in towing caravans will be well equipped with it is a single axle or twin axle caravan. They will need to know these details before starting the job as well as any other special requirements.

When they arrive at your caravan, they will first of all make sure the caravan is on a flat surface. They will then back up their vehicle so that is close enough to the caravan for it to be hitched onto the vehicle’s tow bar.

Then they will attach the electrical cables which are required to provide power to the lights on the caravan.

Once they have ensured that the caravan is locked securely in place, they will set off.

Other considerations

Couriers who regularly transport caravans will have the required liability insurance to do so. They will also have completed training and have the necessary licence.

The vehicles they drive will also be equipped with additional wing mirrors so they can see around the caravan when they are towing it.

Depending on the operator, the courier may even set up and stabilise your caravan for you at its destination. This is particularly useful if you are having it towed to a campsite for a holiday.

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