Where Do International Couriers Go?

international courier
Should you be curious, or confused, about just where an international courier can deliver your items to, then rest assured that pretty much the entire world is covered by the courier network. Don’t believe us? Use our online form to get free quotes and find out!

Couriers can deliver items from the UK to most major cities in the world and, depending on the location, can deliver door to door in most countries. Of course, there are always going to be a few places that can’t be accessed, but airport delivery to the country of choice is usually still an option at the very least.

International courier services are pros at knowing how and what to do to get your item delivered with a minimum of fuss, regardless of where in the world you need it to go. With procedures and paperwork in place, your item can be through customs and on its way to its recipient in no time, so long as you hold up your end of the deal.

The paperwork you’re asked to complete works much like your item’s passport, everything needs to be fully completed and accurate in order for your item to pass customs quickly. Your item also needs to be compliant with the list of items allowed in to the destination country, and you might be surprised about what’s on the prohibited list for some.

Thankfully, most countries post a list of items they won’t allow past their borders on their website, making it very easy for you to check before you book. If in doubt, the courier service of your choice should be able to help you. And always remember to check if your courier needs to visually check your items contents before sealing, they might not be permitted to accept your item for delivery otherwise.

To get started sending your items out across the world use our online form to get your free, low cost quotes. We can put you in touch with some fabulous companies who will provide you with no-obligation, competitive quotes for you to choose from.

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