The importance of temperature in transporting

Thermometer at high temperatureWhen transporting a delicate item across a country or internationally, you have to make sure it’s in the right hands and packed correctly.  When packing a lot of things are obvious. You want it protected against any bumps and scrapes that can happen as it’s getting moved around. However one thing that can be overlooked is temperature. It may seem weird but temperature can affect various items in many ways. Here are a few examples of how temperature can affect your items and how to make sure they don’t get damaged.


Perishable items and refrigeration

Of course certain items when they’re being transported are rather simple to understand. Food and drink for example needs to be preserved. Ambient temperature, which is simply the heat of the surrounding area, can vary greatly. If it gets too hot food can deteriorate and go off, ruining the product.

That said if it gets too cold a drink for example can freeze in the bottle. A pallet of soda being shipped, especially in cans, getting too cold can turn all of them into deliciously flavoured grenades. Having the temperature at the right level and keeping it consistent is hugely important in transporting goods such as this. Fortunately, if you have to transport anything like this the proper transporters are experienced in jobs like this.


Wood and delicate items

Temperature is a big factor when it comes to organic materials. However it’s not necessarily because of the heat itself. For these items humidity is actually the important thing. Of course burning or freezing can lead to problems like cracks or fire damage.

Organic materials, much like the plants and animals they come from, absorb and release water. If the area is too dry one of these items can release all their moisture and start shrinking, causing cracks or splits. If it’s too damp the item can take in that moisture and swell up and warp, potentially having mould grow on it.


A lot of goods are fine with most normal temperatures, defending against knocks and scrapes are all you should need to worry with. But it’s never a bad idea to check if you should need to take extra care. If you do offers a wide variety of the UK’s top transporters.  However if you have a delicate antique or something made of wood that you think can have issues it’s your best option.

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