Now easier to get your Motorbike Delivered!

When you think of the word delivery it’s likely that you’re imagining letters and parcels, particularly at different times of the year. But there is a multitude of items that could be delivered, from the mundane to the unexpected, and motorbike delivery is probably up there with the unexpected.

There could be a number of reasons why you’d want a motorbike delivered somewhere; eBay purchase, a brand new bike you bought pre-availability, purchasing from overseas or even sending abroad. Whatever the reason, getting it to where it needs to go will require transportation of some kind.

Delivery within the UK and Europe can be made with the motorbike wheeled into a van. It’s important that how the motorbike is to be stored whilst travelling is taken into consideration; if it’s placed on its side any fluids inside the bike, such as fuel, could potentially leak. Strapping the motorbike to the side of the van is a safer method, but be sure to get the bike wrapped in a blanket to protect the paintwork to prevent scratching and, more importantly, ensure the van isn’t overly weighted on one side as a result of the bike’s weight.

The company you use to deliver your motorbike will, of course, know how to load, protect and secure your bike for and during transit, but it never hurts to be sure. Alternatively, use a vehicle transportation company that will drive your motorbike to its destination. Costs cover insurance and trade plates should plate be needed, and if you can wait a few days you’re sure to get better prices.

A third option is transportation via trailer rather than van, urgent deliveries can be made by a single trailer but if you’ve got the time then multi-vehicle trailers can work out cheaper as they’ll fit your motorbike in on a route with other deliveries, making it more cost-effective despite being slower.

Whatever option you decide to go for, spending a little time getting the right price is only sensible. Delivery Quote Compare can help you get the best possible price for transporting your motorbike, and all you need do is fill out a short form. Companies qualified to deliver your motorbike will submit quotes for the job, allowing you to pick and choose the best company for your needs.

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