The green way to grow

Transport companies can reduce their carbon footprint and help reduce the amount of unnecessary journeys made in UK by using transport comparisons sites to ensure they’re always full and in turn get more business.

Corporate Social Responsibility isn’t just for the big boys, smaller companies, including courier services (like parcel couriers and international couriers) and haulage firms, have a duty too; and with customer’s conscious of green credentials, especially when it comes to transport, giving yourself a green edge could make all the difference.

It doesn’t mean you have to invest in a new vehicle with all the latest environmental fads, it just means you need to plan your time and journeys more effectively. It sounds boring, but correct management and optimisation of your time could increase your productivity two fold.

Backloading is no new concept, but there are now much easier ways to find backloads using sites like  By searching for jobs along your route you can ensure that your vehicle is always as full as possible, and make one trip into numerous jobs.

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