Working at Christmas

The run up to Christmas is the busiest time of the year for our transporters, everything needs delivering in time for the festivities and the whole country is shopping.


Hopefully by Christmas eve with the last items dropped of the couriers and delivery people can put their feet up and have a well-earned mulled wine and mince pie.


Spare a thought though for the people who work over the festive period often sacrificing time with family and friends to provide services to us, keep us safe and healthy.




Not just trying to keep the peace following a family row over who gets the turkey leg, during the Christmas period there can often be a spike in crime figures keeping our boys in blue plenty busy.
Burglaries are a sore one, as many people ravel to visit friends and relatives’ properties are left empty and an open goal for burglars. Make sure to lock up if you’re out and about.


Doctors and Nurses


A&E is a busy time during December, not only bad weather causing accidents and falls but also the activities of party goers and drunkenness. A&E is always open and dedicated doctors and nurses are there to help. To try and lighten the load and consider if you need to add to their workload. Heres a list from Cannock NHS of 12 conditions they were presented with
that maybe they shouldn’t.


All other Health professionals


From carers to social workers looking after people doesn’t stop for season’s greetings. There is a whole network of people supporting the elderly, the sick and those in need of support. These heroes give up their
Christmas to often make someone else’s that bit better.



Petrol station workers


OK, so you might think why do these workers fit in a list with the heroes above? Well despite the copious amounts of shopping and trolleys filled in the run up to the main day no one remembered the batteries for the kids’ new toy, the mustard for the beef or the loaf for boxing days bacon butties. They also make sure you have petrol to get to your friends and family.


We wish all those providing services to us over the festive period a very happy Christmas and hope they can celebrate at another time.
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