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Motorcycle Delivery!


When you think of the word delivery it’s likely that you’re imagining letters and parcels, particularly at this time of year with Christmas just around the corner. But there are a multitude of items that could be delivered, from the mundane to the unexpected, and motorbike delivery is probably up there with the unexpected. There […]

moving large items abroad

Moving Large Items Abroad


There’s plenty of information out there on how to send a small parcel internationally, but what do you do if you have something very large or bulky that needs to be sent abroad? Anything you send overseas from the UK to locations other than Europe will be sent either via ship or plane, your budget […]

sending parcels abroad

Mailing Parcels Abroad


It may not seem like it yet, but with Christmas less than 80 days away, now is the time to start thinking about presents, particularly if you have family and friends who live abroad that you need to post parcels to. For anyone new to international parcel services, there are a few pieces of information […]

Shipping – British exporters look beyond the EU


Britain’s economic recovery is being lead by a boom in exports, but many are finding EU sales weak as the powerhouses are rocked by their own financial issues. Shipping companies are likely to see the effects of problems in Spain and Portugal as British companies call on them to take their products further afield in […]

What would be the impact of shipping container weight regulations?


The dangers of overweight containers are obvious, especially when you see photos like these: Late last year the World Shipping Council (WSC) and the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) urged the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) to create new legislation surrounding the issue. They want all containers to be weighed at the port before being stowed […]

Delivery Quote Compare: Shipping and Aviation Taxes to Fund Climate Change Measures


A fuel tax could be placed on the shipping and aviation industries to raise funds for the battle against climate change. That is one of the proposals raised at the climate change summit held in Copenhagen last week. The European Union wants the shipping industry to cut its emissions by around 20 per cent over […]

Increased use of groupage operators opens up freight market


SHIPPERS have begun using more groupage operators this month in an attempt to reduce spend on deliveries. Groupage providers, who tend to deliver a group of parcels in one load, operate more cheaply and economically than express operators whose primary objective is accelerated delivery. This reduces costs for large companies who do not necessarily need […]

International shipping tops the bill


Just 3 weeks since the site went live and we’ve received a staggering 107 quote requests, the majority of which (30%)have been for international shipping quote requests. Does this indicate that we’re finally awakening from the much talked about recession? Whats particularly interesting is that there appears to be an equal balance between export shipping requests […]

Shipping quotes


With a UK market value of £11.2bn, shipping is our largest category. Add on a further £14.1bn for freight forwarding activities and it’s little wonder why! With over 95 freight forwarding companies already registered we’re confident that wherever you’re shipping to, or shipping from, is the ideal place to start. Getting sea freight quotes […]