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Getting The Most Out Of Your Pallet


When looking to send something bulky, heavy or unwieldy then pallet delivery may be just what you need. In fact, if you’re sending multiple items to one address then it’s also worth considering using a pallet and consolidating your delivery costs. As with parcels, pallets come with a variety of delivery options from economy to […]

International Worldwide Delivery


Sending parcels across the world isn’t difficult, but there are a number of considerations to take into account before you go packaging up any old thing you want to send. International countries are rather stringent about the items they let cross their borders, as well they should be, and how that affects you as a […]

Pall-Ex Buys Cornish – Intercounty Distribution


Cornish based haulier, Intercounty Distribution, have been bought by Pall-Ex after its Managing Director, Nick Coombes, announced his intention to retire. Pall-Ex, founded by Dragon’s Den entrepreneur Hilary Devey, is one of the UK’s leading nationwide pallet delivery companies, specialising in express overnight deliveries. The South West is notorious for being tricky to find experienced […]

Different Types of Packaging


There are a number of different ways to get your item to its destination, and it’s up to the delivery service you’ve chosen to ensure it gets there safely, but that doesn’t entirely excuse you from the responsibility of making sure it gets there in one piece. Packaging, both internally if sending a parcel, and […]

moving large items abroad

Moving Large Items Abroad


There’s plenty of information out there on how to send a small parcel internationally, but what do you do if you have something very large or bulky that needs to be sent abroad? Anything you send overseas from the UK to locations other than Europe will be sent either via ship or plane, your budget […]

The Ins and Outs Of Pallets


For anyone looking to transport larger items, either nationally or internationally, sending it on a pallet may be your best option. A pallet is a flat platform usually made from wood, sometimes plastic, that has been designed to allow easy transportation for larger items, giving them stability and a measure of protection whilst in transit. […]

How to wrap a pallet


Shrink-wrapping, sometimes known as stretch-wrapping or cling-filming, is a method used in the pallet delivery industry to secure items to a pallet. It involves using layers of cling film to hold items in place. Here’s’s guide to packaging items for pallet delivery: Place the items onto a sturdy pallet. Find one that is the […]

What is pallet delivery?


A pallet, also known as a skid, is a flat transport structure that supports goods while being lifted by a forklift or pallet jack. It acts as the structural foundation for a secured load of multiple goods and due to the ease of transportation pallet delivery is regarded as a highly efficient and cost effective […]

Why should you use pallet delivery?


Pallet delivery services are becoming increasingly popular and that’s because the benefits are far ranging. Pallets are an easy way to cheaply transport large items. The way many pallet networks operate in the UK means a vehicle will take a number of pallets at once from one location to a central hub, where another vehicle […]

When should you use pallet delivery?


The first thought when thinking about pallet delivery is that they are only used by large manufacturers. On the contrary, pallet deliveries can be an economical and safe way to transport many types of goods. If you have a large or heavy item, which a courier or man and van would struggle to lift, then […]