eBay – image search is genius

eBay the online market place has launched a new feature in their app allowing you to search using picture.

Its really simple, take a snap through the app, search and find things similar, we put it to the test.

Getting started, first you’ll need the eBay app

App Store ebay app

eBay App IOS

Ebay App Android

eBay Android app

The  app is really easy to use and not only allows you to search on the go but keeps you up to date on your bids and sale items.

Now its as simple as clicking the camera icon on the right of the search box.

This opens the camera then simply snap the item you want to search for





I used a Ford Cortina.







And!! It worked

Out of the first four results two were Cortinas and the other two were at least Fords, very impressed.





So, I’ve spotted one I’m interested in, it in my price range but its in Ware, Hertfordshire

As you can see in the listing we’re in Knutsford WA16.





A quick listing on Delivery Quote Compare gives me an instant price of £177 through a trusted transporter.

That means I can get my dream Cortina for £2,377, still in my price bracket and removes the doubt over transport.

eBay is now even easier to use and with access to thousands of transporters through Delivery Quote Compare your cherished purchases are even closer.

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