Tips for getting your items from eBay!


We’ve all done it; you’re rummaging around eBay to waste some time during a particularly slow moment of your day when suddenly there it is, the perfect item that’ll make your life complete! And then you take a closer look and realise it’s being sold from somewhere 200 miles away and is collection only. Today just got a lot bleaker.

But do not despair! There is a work around, and it probably won’t cost you quite as much as you’re expecting. Just because something’s a distance away doesn’t mean that it’s not still possible for you to bid on, win, and ship the item by courier. Just follow our top tips and before you know it that perfect item will be yours.

Check that the seller will allow a courier to collect for you. This is really the only stumbling point (other than price, potentially), if the seller is unwilling to arrange courier collection then there’s not really any way to work around, unless you know someone in the area who can collect and who doesn’t mind having a courier collect from them instead.

Check that the seller will package up the item properly, ready for your eBay courier to collect. If they won’t, don’t panic. You can ask your courier to package your item securely when they arrive, check with them before booking, and for a small additional cost to cover the packaging they use your item should be transit ready in no time.

Use Delivery Quote Compare to get a price for shipping before bidding. Our eBay courier service allows you to enter the eBay item number so that courier companies have the details necessary to provide a quote. You will need to complete the entire form as accurately as possible or the quote may differ once the item is collected if, for example, it’s far heavier than you specified. Once the dimensions, weight and item details have been entered couriers will contact you with prices, bidding for your business. So you get a great low price and your perfect item delivered!

Finally, make sure that the item can be tracked, you want to know where your item is if it fails to arrive when it’s supposed to. Ask for signed proof of delivery to ensure it doesn’t accidentally end up five doors down with that neighbour nobody likes. Now all you have to do is figure out what you’re going to do with your item when it arrives!

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