How do Couriers Transport Motorbikes?

Transporting a motorcycle may appear a lot easier than a truck or car, but there is still a lot for couriers to consider. 

A courier can transport a motorbike to your chosen destination either by riding it thereof, or it can be delivered by a trailer.

Open trailer

If you want your motorcycle transported over a longer distance, then a trailer is a more secure option. You will need to contact the courier company to ask about the trailer’s availability and give them an idea of the date and time you want your motorbike delivered. 

They will give you a quote based on the distance travelled and the type of trailer involved. An open trailer allows your bike to be fastened securely onto it and brought to your chosen destination. 

Although it is a secure and affordable option, there is some downside to transporting motorbikes on an open trailer. The bike will be exposed to the elements, meaning it can still be damaged during transit. Using a motorbike cover is advisable if choosing this method.

An open trailer is a good option for transporting most kinds of motorbike.

Closed trailer

If you are considered about the wind and rain causing damage to your motorbike during transit, then you have the option of transporting it in a closed trailer. 

A closed trailer will be a more expensive option but can provide additional protection. This is a good option for classic or vintage motorbikes. A closed trailer will prevent them from getting wet in the rain and stop them from getting scratched by stones the fly up off the road.

Closed trailers are also advisable for motorbikes transported over long distances throughout the UK or for those being transported abroad.

If your motorbike is being shipped overseas, you will need to have the appropriate documentation. Your company should be able to advise you on what paperwork is required.

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