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Listing summary

1 Bed Flat Move

Job ref: 566338 Date listed: 30-08-2017
Bids: 2 (0 active) Lowest bid: £200.00


Collect from:

Sheffield S United Kingdom

Deliver to:

Bristol BS United Kingdom


Approx. 181 miles

Approximate moving date:


Listing description

Moving From
Property type: 1 Bed Flat
Floor: First Floor
Lift: Yes
Packing services required: No
Moving To
Property type: 1 Bed Flat
Floor: Ground
Lift: Yes
Bid Amount Submitted Expires
tesla_couriers (1360) £200.00 31-08-2017 Accepted
safcrudd (47) £375.00 31-08-2017 Declined
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Question: Could you please let me know what needs moving , and do you wish to travel with your items.
Thank you.
Kev - safcrudd (31-08-2017)
Response: Hi, I have 6 large boxes which are H55, W46, D46cm, one 42' TV, one office chair and one small TV bench. I can travel with my items or not and it depends on you (do you have extra seat for me). Thank you
And I want to move on 14 Sep.
Question: Hi, when do you want the collection/delivery? Thanks Mike - tesla_couriers (31-08-2017)
Response: Hi, I want to move on 14 Sep. Do you have spare time?
Question: Hi, Please advise the full list of items that you are moving, if both ends are ground floor and if there will be somebody available to help or you need a 2 man team from our end. Once we receive your confirmation, we will consult our agenda and provide with our availability.
Bruce - tesla_couriers (31-08-2017)
Response: Hi, I have 6 large boxes of size H55, W46, D46cm, one 42' TV, one office chair and one small TV bench. The apartment in sheffield is on the 8th floor and the one in Bristol is on the 1st floor, and both of them have the lift. My items are not very heavy thus one man from you end is enough and I can also move some boxes to the ground floor before you come. I have friends in Bristol and they can help me in that end.
Question: Hi, we cna collect on Thursday 14th and deliver on Friday 15th. Let me know if it works for you.
Mike - tesla_couriers (31-08-2017)
Response: Hi, can you deliver on the same day? And can I travel with my items? Thank you.
Hi, I will book your service anyway, and I just want to know these information. Thank you.
Question: Hello.
I do these jobs every day.
I can collect you and you're belongings on the 14th of September with direct delivery to Bristol. .
I will place a bid.
If you are happy with the price please accept as soon as possible before that day gets booked.
Kev - safcrudd (31-08-2017)
Response: Hi, your price is too expensive. Another quote gives me 200 thus I will consider them. Thank you.
Question: Ok. Thanks for letting me know.
All the best .
Kev - safcrudd (01-09-2017)
Response: No response yet
Question: My price is more expensive because I am collecting and delivering on the same day and you can travel as well.
The cheaper bid is not .
Kev - safcrudd (01-09-2017)
Response: Yes, it's true. The others can not finish their job on the same day. But since my items are not necessary, I can wait for them. Thank you????.
Question: Ok. Thank you - safcrudd (01-09-2017)
Response: No response yet
Question: Hi Anjie, unfortunately we cannot deliver in the same day. We are based in Birmingham and can collect in one day and deliver next day. Also, everyday we have a route to follow and due to this reason we don't take passengers.
Our manager will liaise with both ends a day before to confirm the 3 hours slot time window that works for all parts.
If it suits you, go ahead and accept us.
Mike - tesla_couriers (01-09-2017)
Response: Hi, how should I accept? Go to the booking page and pay the deposit?
And it is better that contacts me with email because I am in China and can not receive the call. Thank you.
Question: Thank you for accepting us Anjie.
Ok, also, please provide us with full collection and delivery addresses and seller's contact details.
Mike - tesla_couriers (01-09-2017)
Response: The collection address is: 1 Newcastle St,
S1 3PD

The delivery address is: William & Matthew House,
32-34 Colston Street,

My contact information:
Name: Anjie Song
Phone: 07473020100
Email: [email protected]

And please email me if you have any other questions. Thank you.
Question: Hi Anjie,
Thank you for all the details. We have updated the info in our database system and will take care of the rest.
We will keep you updated.
Best regards,

- tesla_couriers (02-09-2017)
Response: Hi, my girl friend also want to move her items (maybe 10 boxes). She need to move them from Sheffield to Coventry on 22 Sep. Can I know the price and do you have any scheme on that day? Thank you
Question: Hi, please provide us with full delivery postcode and I will check and let you know if it is possible to be delivered in the same day. We can collect them on Friday 22nd and the delivery may be next day and the quote is 150.
Looking forward to your confirmation.
Mike - tesla_couriers (10-09-2017)
Response: Hi, it is from S1 3PD to CV1 3GX. Thanks
Question: Hi, Thank you for the postcodes, I have checked and the delivery is not possible in the same day, but if you agree we can book it for Saturday 23rd - with 1 driver - so he will need help.
Let me know if it works for you and if both ends are ground floor.
Mike - tesla_couriers (11-09-2017)
Response: No response yet