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International Parcel Consignments

Arranging an international parcel delivery can be mind boggling for anyone. If you’re in the process of organising international or foreign consignments, it’s worth noting that the Post Office is not the only option for individuals and small businesses that don’t have the volume to contract with one of the larger international parcel service providers.

This is where Delivery Quote Compare comes in.

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After telling us what you want to dispatch and to which international delivery destination, you will get instant quotes from all the big name firms providing worldwide parcel delivery services. From France and Spain, to Australia and the USA, we will get you quotes for international parcel deliveries that are easy, efficient and excellent value for money, with over 250 destinations included.

Simply click the get quotes button and then compare prices from each of the recommended parcel brokers by completing their easy to use online forms. The information you'll need to enter will include details on the parcels dimensions and weight, as well as the collection and destination details; once completed you'll instantly receive quotes detailing all the different options available wherever in the world you need your parcel delivering to! This means you can compare services for worldwide parcel delivery from all the main international operators as they are presented to you at the same time, all together.

That way you can check out of the differences in price and expected delivery timings so that you can choose a cheap international parcel delivery to suit your budget. Then simply click to book in your parcel delivery and it’ll be off on its journey around the world (no more queuing at the Post Office!).

Important things to remember about international parcel deliveries

These days more and more of us want to dispatch international parcels to be delivered quickly, efficiently and cheaply, such as gifts for friends, international eBay deliveries or small businesses with international customers. A parcel to be delivered to any of the 25 European Union countries or seven EU territories is straightforward and there is no specific paperwork.

If you need to send a parcel to international, or worldwide destinations outside the European community, then you will need to complete a little bit more documentation including a detailed list of the parcel contents and value. Parcel companies handle millions of international packages each year, so they will be able to help you complete the necessary documents correctly to avoid any delays at customs.

There are also lists of prohibited items that can’t be delivered by worldwide parcel services. Most of these are common sense, including dangerous goods such as explosives, gasses and flammable liquids, firearms and ammunition, as well as things like plants, animals, cash and perishable items. Other goods can be carried, but with no insurance against loss or breakage, such as china, glassware and jewels.

How long do worldwide deliveries take?

The transit time for a worldwide parcel service depends on how time critical your parcel is and which level of service you are prepared to pay for. Many of the common international parcel delivery destinations can be offered on an overnight service, but can be costly. The cheapest international delivery services can take up to seven days, but the average is between two and five days.

As worldwide destinations are split into parcel delivery zones, most people choose a two to five day delivery service for mainland Europe and a five to nine day service for the most popular international areas such as America and Australasia. Of course, we’d always advise you to allow extra time for your delivery in the months leading up to Christmas when the demand for worldwide services are particularly high with lots of people are sending presents and gifts.

Getting your goods ready for international parcel delivery

Before you arrange for your chosen company to collect the parcel you need to ensure that it correctly packaged. Packing up your goods safely is essential when sending goods internationally; remember your parcel is going to be handled many times on its journey and should be suitably packed to protect against knocks and bumps, as well as possibly going through security x-ray checks.

The best way to prepare your consignment is to bubble wrap the items, place them in a proper delivery carton and pack with polystyrene chips or scrunched up newspaper. Don’t forget to pop your address (as the sender) and any other paperwork inside the box and then seal it using proper parcel tape, not string or thin sellotape.

What is the cost of sending parcels overseas?

All international parcel delivery prices are calculated on volumetric weight and actual weight. Most companies will do this for you, but if you want to work it out for yourself, it’s the length x height x width of the parcel in centimetres, divided by 5000. This gives you the volumetric weight in kilos.
If your parcel is an odd shape, base the calculations on the smallest box shape that the parcel would fit into to and pack it in this way as worldwide parcel companies only accept box-shaped cartons, tubes, letters or jiffy bags. As an aside, it’s worth remembering that international parcel services all base their prices on whichever is more, volumetric weight or actual weight.

For example, your parcel measures 40cm x 30cm x 50cm. Times all three figures together (60000) and divide by 5000 to get 12. This means the volumetric weight of your parcel is 12kg. If the actual weight of this parcel is 8kg, the price for international parcel delivery will be based on 12kg, as this is the heavier of the two.

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