Using an online parcel broker for your deliveries

With the growth in popularity of internet shopping, parcel delivery has become increasingly important with over 800 million parcels delivered each year in the UK. For anyone looking to send a parcel, finding a reliable service that's cost effective and within budget is key.

At we've trawled the internet to bring you the UK's most respected, cost effective and reliable parcel brokers. Whatever service you require from express and next day to international parcel delivery simply check your consignment against each of the parcel brokers listed above in order to determine the best price and service for your requirements.

All of the listed brokers offer a range of services dependent upon the consignment size, its destination, your budget and the speed of delivery required. Knowing how each service works and what's required of you as a sender, or as a recipient, can make the whole process much easier. Finding your way around the different brokers and services, learning which cheap parcel delivery services are cost effective and which are not can help you get your consignment to its destination with a minimum of fuss and most importantly in today's financial climate, with a minimum of cost.

As with any service that costs money its worth making the effort to shop around as different brokers will have different prices. Requesting a quote for a parcel delivery doesn't mean you are obligated to use that particular agent so take the time to get quotes from all of the listed parcel brokers before deciding which one best suits your needs.

In order to get a quote, you will need to know the size and weight of the consignment you wish to send. Items inside must be well protected if fragile and it's important to note that some items aren't transportable by law, even within the UK. Full details on the restricted and prohibited items can be found on each of the agents websites and will include things like explosives, corrosives and flammables and other toxic items, as well as highly valuable items such as works of art and financial documents. Even perishables are prohibited from some services, so be sure to double check what's suitable for the transit service you need.

Finally, if you require worldwide parcel services, remember not to seal your parcel after packing as some companies require their collection drivers to visually inspect the contents to ensure it meets international regulations and they won't collect unless that's possible.

UK's Leading Parcel Brokers

Parcel2Go, based in Bolton, Greater Manchester is the UK’s leading parcel delivery comparison website, offering a surprisingly cheap alternative to the Post Office to consumers and small eBay sellers/businesses.


ParcelsPlease provides businesses and individuals with access to low cost parcel delivery services throughout the UK, Europe and Worldwide. Established in 1999 ParcelsPlease now sends over 1 million parcels a year. All services are 'Door to Door' and include free online tracking.


P4D offer a range of services from big name courier companies at heavily discounted prices. Working in official partnership with major courier companies like City Link, DHL, Parcelforce, TNT, Yodel and Fedex, P4D provide cheap parcel delivery services for small-medium sized business and individuals.

Parcel Force

Parcelforce Worldwide is part of the Royal Mail Group Ltd and is one of the top five express carrier businesses in the UK, operating in what is a highly competitive express market environment. The vision of Parcelforce Worldwide is 'To be the UK's most trusted worldwide express carrier'.

from the UK's leading parcel brokers