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If you're looking for a parcel delivery service; whether it’s for sending a birthday gift or an urgent business consignment, rather than spending time researching the different options available DeliveryQuoteCompare.com can help you find and compare all the main parcel companies in the marketplace enabling you to choose the most cost effective and efficient parcel delivery service when sending your parcel.

How to send a parcel through Delivery Quote Compare

Finding a trusted delivery company to send your parcel is easy. At DeliveryQuoteCompare.com we've searched the market to bring you the most trusted, cost effective parcel delivery companies in the UK. All you have to do is click the get quotes button and then compare prices from each of the recommended companies shown. It takes seconds to get the quotes; simply enter the details on your parcel (including dimensions, weight, where to collect from and where to deliver to) and the prices will be shown instantly from all the main carriers, as well as the different service types available, whether the parcel you need to send is a next day urgent consignment, an economy service or an international parcel delivery service.

You then choose the service that suits you – plus there’s no obligation to accept any of the quotes offered as all rates are provided free of charge and without any obligation.

When to use a cheap parcel delivery service

Cheap parcel delivery networks have a very specific place in the delivery marketplace. It’s all about shifting and delivering parcels as quickly and as efficiently as possible to keep the amount it costs to send a parcel down.

We could explain how the parcel network works, but believe us it’s quite dull and really all you need to know is that your parcel will reach its destination on time and at a very cheap price. One thing to remember is that your parcel will be one of hundreds being handled at once. It’ll be transferred from van to van and through an automated sorting centre on a conveyor belt, so it must be well packaged within the maximum dimensions and the contents must be suitable for parcel delivery.

If your package falls into the parcel post category, using our service is a great way to get your parcel delivered at an affordable price throughout the UK. The companies will collect the parcel from your home or wherever is convenient for you, the consignment will benefit from the company’s standard parcel insurance and many offer next day parcel deliveries for any urgent consignments.

What is suitable for parcel post deliveries?

The main criteria are size and weight. Your parcel, once wrapped and ready for delivery, should be no more than 150cm long x 60cm deep x 60cm high and weigh no more than 30kg. Don’t chance it if your parcel is just over, as parcel delivery drivers simply aren’t allowed to physically pick up more than 30kg and if the dimensions are oversized, your parcel won’t pass the automated sorting.

All parcel delivery firms have a list of items than can’t be delivered. Mostly it’s common sense, such as not sending passports, perishable items, flammable goods, juices, liquids and even Christmas crackers. Other items will be sent, but completely at your risk with no insurance, such as antiques, pottery, china, lights and jewellery. If your items aren’t suitable for a cheap parcel delivery service, it might be worth thinking about a courier delivery instead.

Tips for using parcel delivery services

The most important tip we can give you is to make sure you package your goods up well. When sending a package parcel tape, packaging boxes and bubble wrap will be your new best friends when it comes to packing goods up ready for parcel delivery.

If you’re sending things like clothes, think about using those strong plastic postage bags as a tough, lightweight way of sending them. Remember your parcel might get dropped, knocked or bashed in the delivery process, so make sure it’s packaged to withstand all that.

Finally, remember that price isn't everything and that a cheap parcel delivery quote may not be the most suitable for you. Check details such as expected delivery time (especially with international parcel delivery services) and the amount of insurance included carefully and then think about what’s important to you to get the right balance between affordability and level of service, all of which will save you a packet on standard parcel delivery charges.

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