What You Need To Know As A Self-Employed Delivery Driver

url-1 Setting up in business as a delivery owner driver entails quite a bit of work before you can really get started. If you’re looking to start your own delivery business there are a number of things you need to organise before you can be considered legitimately self-employed and suitably covered for the type of courier work you want to take on.

Begin by visiting the HMRC’s website and registering as self-employed. The website contains a host of useful information, geared towards helping you successful start up your own business. The HMRC also runs webinars on a variety of different subjects to help you gain the knowledge and information you’ll need to correctly run your business and file your taxes. There are always helpful people available to contact if you have any questions, and a representative will keep in touch periodically to ensure you’re confident in how your business is progressing and to see if there’s anything they can do to help you further.

If your vehicle has been for personal use until now then you’ll need to contact your insurance company and change to business use insurance. And speaking of insurance, ensuring you have sufficient insurance to cover the items you’ll be delivering is a must. Research what’s available and from whom, cheaper isn’t necessarily better so be clear on what you do and don’t need from the outset and make sure you get it.

If bookkeeping and organisation isn’t your strong point then take some courses or talk a family member into helping you until you can afford to hire someone to do it for you. Properly kept books and a clear idea of where you’re going each day, and with what, are the foundations to a strong delivery business. Don’t end up with a horrendous fine from the taxman because you haven’t kept your books in proper order! Chat to other’s who’re self employed, ask where they got training and for tips on how to manage your new business.

As a delivery service, signing up to websites like Delivery Quote Compare can offer you plenty of work with little to no effort on your part. If you need enough jobs to fill the week or just the odd pick up here or there to fill out a trip, DQC can help you. With no set-up fee and only a small percentage charged for each successful bid, you’ll have access to hundreds of delivery jobs that you’re free to bid on, all for no cost!

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