What would be the impact of shipping container weight regulations?

The dangers of overweight containers are obvious, especially when you see photos like these:


Late last year the World Shipping Council (WSC) and the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) urged the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) to create new legislation surrounding the issue. They want all containers to be weighed at the port before being stowed on board a vessel. The move would obviously be a sensible option and would stop collapses which damage the cargo, vessel and perhaps the surrounding natural world.

However, at a time when the shipping industry is facing difficulties brought on by a weak economy and further hindered by recent Middle Eastern unrest and natural disasters, it could prove damning.

In the business of dense loads it is often the case that the container will reach maximum weight capacity before the space inside is actually full. There are significant risks in loading the container beyond its weight; but there are also financial gains to be had from filling the container.

Whilst deliveryquotecompare.com is certainly not condoning the practice of overfilling containers, regulatory bodies need to consider the impact any new regulation might have on the industry.

There are fears that excessive legislation could harm shipping companies business; a recent survey by deliveryquotecompare.com showed that whilst the majority recognised that something needs to be done about overweight shipping containers, they also fear that new regulations would have a negative impact on their business

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