Top Tips For Sending Jewellery

There may be a number of reasons why you’d need to send jewellery via a trusted delivery service, the most common being that you’re the owner of an online jewellery store that requires delivery instead of collection. While security may, and should be, a priority when looking for a reliable delivery service, there are other concerns you should be aware of before you sign on the dotted line.

Depending on the value of the jewellery in question, some less reputable delivery services may not accept the items or, in all likelihood, won’t cover the cost of the jewellery in their insurance policy. Traditional parcel delivery companies may have an upper value threshold of around £250, meaning that anything you send worth over that value will be sent with a no-compensation clause, so that if anything happens to your items you won’t receive any compensation back.

Some companies may even list jewellery on their restricted items list, refusing to transport your item and its contents at all due to the risk involved. And if you’re planning on sending your jewellery abroad then it’s vitally important you check the customs regulations regarding importable items as there can be restrictions placed on jewellery depending on the destination country.

Using a website like Delivery Quote Compare to help save you time and money is a great idea when sending items such as jewellery. As one of the UK’s leading parcel brokers, Delivery Quote Compare can put you in touch with the leading parcel companies for FREE!

Once you’ve chosen your company, packaging is the next step. Ensure your item is securely packaged, don’t send your item in a jiffy bag but use a sturdy presentation box or something similar to help protect your item. Even if your item is covered by insurance, lack of packaging resulting in loss or damage is deemed to be the fault of the sender and won’t be covered.

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