Insuring your parcel when sending internationally

While there’s no reason to expect that your package won’t arrive at its destination, ensuring that you have sufficient insurance to cover the contents of your parcel is still a must, especially when using international parcel delivery services.

International parcel services are available on a sliding scale, designed to suit every budget, running from fast and costly, to slow and cheap. Insurance cover works in much the same way and, depending on the parcel company of your choice, can be available from £20 to £200, with additional cover available at an additional cost.

Most international services have some form of insurance cover included in the price, but always double check the fine print, particularly for any economy service, as it may be that no insurance is included as a means to reduce the price down as much as possible. If your parcel is valuable you would do well to investigate purchasing additional insurance to cover its full worth, just in case the worst should happen.

Compensation is available to cover your parcel from loss, damage or failure to arrive within a certain timeframe should such a service have been purchased, although these are dependent on the service you’ve chosen. Compensation is rarely offered, if at all, on consequential loss resulting from delay, loss or damage to your parcel; so should your business lose money due to a package you sent not arriving on time, you can claim for the package but not for the lost business earnings.

Some parcel companies offer basic cover worked out through the weight of the package, paid per kilogram, or it might be priced at per parcel regardless of size and weight. Only the individual parcel company you choose can give you full details due to the differences in services and cover offered across the industry. Given that weight may be a factor, it can also depend on your parcel, so be sure to package everything up before requesting information so you can get an accurate quote.

Items of high value, such as works of art, antiques, film, jewellery and glassware may be prohibited from transit by parcel completely, or may only be accepted with cover set to a maximum value regardless of the contents actual worth. Individual destination countries may prevent certain items being brought in to their country that other destinations do not prohibit, you will need to check with your parcel company to be sure, and for further details on any cover restrictions as a result.

Additional cover will allow you to raise the level of insurance to, potentially, match the worth of the contents, but in cases of high value items always be sure to get information on restrictions in limit and transit that may apply before attempting to send your item.

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