Top Tips For Sending Clothing

For anyone who sells clothes online through websites like eBay, Etsy and Folksy, getting the lowest postage and packing costs per order can make a big difference to the number of sales they receive. If you regularly, or even irregularly, send clothing there are a few things you can do to bring the cost of sending down.

Firstly, think about ways to reduce the amount of space your clothing takes up. Vacuum packing your items to remove all the air and create the smallest possible size is probably the simplest method, with the bonus that it will protect any buttons and zips from being bashed around.

If vacuum packing isn’t an option for any reason, try to fold or roll your items to their smallest capacity to conserve space. If you’re sending a job lot or multiple clothing, focus on folding and packing your items in to the smallest possible space while still protecting any delicate parts.

Speaking of protection, the packing you use can make all the difference in how your parcel survives the shipping process. If you can, reuse old cardboard boxes and tape securely closed. The packaging will protect your items from any knocks and will stop your parcel from catching and potentially tearing.

If the boxes you have are too large, consider using jiffy bags as they’re made from toughened paper with a bubble wrap interior that will stand up to any potential tears. Normal envelopes or just using brown paper are unlikely to withstand shipping and could end up ripped and torn as they catch on machinery or other parcels.

Ask your parcel delivery company if they have a special clothing delivery service, some couriers operate clothing bag rates or have special rates for smaller envelopes that may be suitable for sending clothing, so long as it remains under a certain weight. This is a great option for anyone sending small items, or just one piece of clothing.

If your buyer is located abroad, double check any restrictions for their country, and preferably before you list your items. It may seem strange, but some countries do have restrictions on certain sorts of clothing, or even clothing in general. Don’t lose sales or risk negative feedback by discovering, too late, that your seller is in a restricted country.

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