Top Tips For Moving Home

Moving Home TipsMoving home is a stressful, and often seemingly overwhelming project that depends heavily on organisation. Planning is key, and there are a number of stages that you can work through as your move gets closer so that you’re not left feeling overwhelmed by the time you close the door on your old property.

Lists are your friends, never be afraid to make lists, particularly around big projects. So once you’ve decided to move, go through your home and decide what you’re taking, what you can sell, what you can give away and what can be thrown. Four weeks before your moving date you want to be clear on what you’re taking and working towards getting rid of everything else. Find yourself a removal company, decide on exactly what service you need and look for the best quotes. Websites like Delivery Quote Compare are a great way to get low prices on removals and help keep the cost of moving down. Don’t forget to start buying packing materials!

Two weeks before you move you’ll need to start packing items that aren’t in regular use. Make life easier by packing smartly; keep everything for each room separate and well labelled so it can be put in the corresponding room in your new home. Don’t over-pack your boxes or the bottom may fall out, even assuming the movers can lift them! Confirm details with your removal company and contact your local council and post office to notify them of your move.

A week before you move is the time to contact your utility companies with final bill details, and don’t forget to cancel any regular deliveries you may receive like milk or newspapers. Cancel or transfer your TV license to your new address, pack everything else except those things you’ll need in your final days but remember to keep valuables and important documentation like passports, jewellery, drivers license and certificates in a safe place that you can carry with you on the day.

The day before your move will be a busy one, it’s also the best time to put together a care package for when you arrive at the other end. Pack a small box with toilet roll, tea, coffee, and other essentials you’ll need in your new home whilst you unpack. It’s also a great time to check that you have utilities set up at the other end; you’ll want your electricity, water and gas to be available when you walk through your new door! Clean thoroughly, then get a good night’s sleep, you’re going to need it!

If you’ve planned well, all that’s left for moving day is to lock up, switch off your utilities at the mains, leave a nice note and instructions on turning them back on for the new owners and away you go!

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