Tips for moving countries

As if moving house wasn’t already a stressful experience, those of us who choose to seek a new life abroad can face even more difficulties during their home move. Here are some handy tips to bear in mind when moving to the continent.

The use of an insured international removals company is a must – those that are used to transporting goods across Europe are more likely to be able to resolve any issues that may crop up along the way, and you can be sure of a good service.

Give your removal company accurate and precise information about the location of your new house – asking for directions may be a little more tricky if you don’t speak the language! Also, make sure you finalise pick up and drop off times well before the day of the move – don’t be afraid to double check.

Ensure that your items are packed safely and securely – remember that the longer they are on the road, the more chance they have of getting damaged. You might also need to give a little more thought as to what you keep on your person for the duration of the trip – pack emergency supplies and essentials into an overnight bag as moving to Europe is not as simple as a quick drive to another part of town!

Europe has pretty fluid borders for citizens of EU member states. However, not all of Europe falls under this category and some countries have stricter immigration policies than others. Make sure you have all the relevant documentation sorted well in advance, including up to date passport, visas, and insurance.

Speaking of insurance, you will want to make sure you have relevant cover for the duration of your stay abroad – most countries have privatised healthcare which will need paying for. You will also need to make arrangements for you and your family to be registered with local doctors/dentists/opticians etc.

Whilst not essential for the move, it is a good idea to learn a little about about the country and more local environment you are moving to. Chances are you will already know a little bit, but learning a few phrases, local customs, and even researching local transport links will ease your transition no end.

Moving countries is certainly one of life’s major events, but with a little planning and forethought, it is possible to make it a relatively stress free transition.

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