Tips for lifting goods safely

Working alone is often the main attraction of providing a man and van service, but this does come with certain health and safety hazards. Your health is your most important asset, so you must remain aware of potential dangers when lifting goods.

Check the object before trying to lift it

A small size object does not necessarily mean a light load. Before you lift an object, push it gently with your hands or feet to see how easily it moves. Don’t jump to conclusions about an object’s weight before you have tested it.

Is the load packed correctly?

This could be the first time your client has used a man and van service, so they may not have put much thought into packing the goods. Make sure the weight is balanced and packed well to prevent it from moving around when lifted. Some man and van services offer to assist with packing the goods for an increased fee. This is the safest way of operating because you will be familiar with the goods before you are required to lift them, plus you can ensure they are packed adequately.

Is the load easy to grip?

Be sure to grip the object tightly before lifting it. This may seem obvious, but running a man and van service means you spend hours moving goods, so you may become less vigilant as the day goes on. You may find it easier to grip items if you wear specialist gloves when working.

Is the load easy to reach?

To prevent back injuries, always use a ladder when lifting items over your head. Get as close as you can to the item you need to lift and slide it towards you first if possible. Don’t arch your back – do the work with your arms and legs. Avoid stretching to reach an object.

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