Sofa Delivery

So, you’ve bought yourself a new sofa … or a new-to-you second hand sofa, but how exactly do you get it to your house if the place you’ve bought it from doesn’t deliver? Surprisingly, there’s actually a number of ways you can get your new comfy piece of furniture delivered to its new home, available at a range of prices to suit every budget.

If your sofa is local to you, check out your local men with vans. This is particularly good for eBay purchases you’ve made within a close radius to your address. Ask them to take an old blanket to help protect your sofa, if bought second hand it’s unlikely to be packaged in any way, and check they’ll deliver to your living room and not the kerb. A man with a van might even be willing to go outside their normal operating radius, if the right price can be agreed.

Large item delivery services are another possibility, and they’re specialists in moving and transporting bulky, heavy and large items such as sofas, so you’ll know it’s in good hands. Check with them if packaging can be provided and completed by their driver on arrival, for an additional small fee some companies will have the necessary items needed to protect your sofa from knocks, bumps and the grime of transit.

Depending on the size of your sofa, palletising it may be an option. A wooden pallet allows ease of transportation, but is restricted on size and weight. Delivery is almost always kerbside only, meaning you’ll have to bring your sofa inside your home yourself, and requires a flat exterior surface to allow the delivery van use of its tail-lift if you don’t happen to have a forklift truck available to help offload.

Sending your sofa by freight may also be a possibility, depending on distance, but is generally only used for long distance and/or overseas deliveries. Don’t be surprised if freight companies aren’t interested in your sofa moving requirements, size and number of items may also be a factor.

Prices vary between all methods of transportation and services offered by different companies, of course, when you use a site like Delivery Quote Compare getting the lowest price becomes a lot easier. All available methods of transportation are available, and companies who offer those services will bid for your delivery job, allowing you to pick and choose the best, with a matching best price. Just remember to check all the details, including insurance and packaging requirements, before you agree to be sure you’ve got the right service for your sofa.

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