Here Comes The Sun

Driving In The SunWell, the weather has finally picked up, gracing us with sunny skies and warmer climes. But with the sun comes another set of problems: how to cope with the warmer weather when out and about in your car. Luckily, Delivery Quote Compare has some tips for you to follow so that you can enjoy the sun without having to worry.

Keep bottles of water in the car, particularly if you have young children or older family members as passengers, or are planning on a long journey. Keeping properly hydrated is particularly important in warmer weather and cars can get hot very quickly. Sports drinks can be better at replacing lost electrolytes, but weigh up the pros against the cons of young kids on sugar rushes before handing them out regularly!

Use sunblock, especially if you’re going to be sitting in the car for long periods of time. The windows can magnify the sun’s power, and it’s easy to find you get sun burnt along just one side. Save yourself the embarrassment of half a red face and get out the sun tan lotion before you get behind the wheel.

Cars are more prone to overheating in hotter weather, so make sure you doubly check water levels before setting off. Take hats or an umbrella in case you do break down, it will help provide shelter from the sun. In fact, take a blanket and some snacks, that way you can sit and have a picnic (behind the crash barriers please!) if needs be.

Dig out your sunnies and leave a pair in the car, that way they’ll always be available when you need them. The sun can be dazzling by itself, but add in the reflection off car windows, metallic paint and road signs and you’re in for a tension headache in no time. Even a cheap pair can help reduce glare.

Make sure your windscreen remains clean, it’s surprising how quickly the sun can reflect off the dirt and you lose the ability to see what’s happening ahead. Don’t take the risk of turning a corner only to lose sight of the road; make regular stops on long trips to clean off the bugs and dirt, and give it a good clean at the start and end of every journey.

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