China produce world’s heaviest freight train.

freight trainCNR Qigiahr Railway Rolling Stock Co,. Ltd, a prominent Chinese rolling stock Manufacturer produced the gargantuan vehicle just last month.

The train is said to have a maximum loading capacity of nearly 155 tonnes per wagon. This translates to a total carrying capacity of somewhere between 30,000 and 50,000 tonnes, with the maximum axle load on each wagon being 44 tonnes.

The production of the train reconfirms China’s position as a market leader in the global industry of freight train research, development, and manufacturing.

The train has been sold to leading global mining and metals company, Rio Tinto.

Freight train shipping is still a popular method of transporting large quantities of goods, mainly being used for coal, chemicals, farm products, and non-metallic minerals.

Innovations like this help to keep the industry going. Add to this the fuel efficient nature of freight trains (According to the Association of American Railroads, a freight train uses only 1 gallon of diesel to move a tonne of freight goods 436 miles) and freight trains still have a bright future in an ever-evolving shipping environment.

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