Road freight industry encouraged to get benefit of trailer trial

semi-trailerThis week, the Government released a statement encouraging those in the road freight industry to reap the benefits of trailer trial.

The trial, which gives operators the opportunity to use longer goods vehicles on UK roads, will be opened up on a first come first serve basis.

The trial was initially launched in 2012, and enabled road freight operators to bid for part of 1,800 vehicle allocations. Out of that figure, 1,250 allocations remain inactive. Following a 4-week consultation, the remaining unused allocations will be opened up to other operators who were not part of the original trial.

Stephen Hammond, the Minister for Transport said, “Longer semi-trailers enable freight companies to transport more goods, more efficiently, and should give significant economic and environmental benefits.”.

The trial of longer semi-trailers has been met with largely positive feedback from both the Road Haulage Association and the Freight Transport Association. James Hookham, Managing Director for Policy and Communications for the FTA said, “The revised re-allocation process will allow those operators who can put these trailers into use on work for which they are suitable to obtain permits in a more timely manner, thus securing an essential contribution to industry’s carbon reduction programme.”

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