Protecting A Vehicle Being Transported

vehicle transportShould you have a vehicle that requires transportation, ensuring it’s well protected whilst en route could mean the difference between a pristine vehicle or something scratched and dented.

When transporting a vehicle, whether it’s roadworthy or not, insurance is usually taken care of by the vehicle transportation service you’ve chosen. Not only should it protect the driver, should it being driven by the delivery service, but it should also cover your car for damage, even if covered and on the back of a transportation vehicle. If you’re in any doubt, check with the vehicle delivery service you’ve chosen before signing on the dotted line.

If your vehicle is being transported on the back of another vehicle, such as a flatbed trailer or a multiple vehicle carrier, it’s important you’re clear on how your vehicle will be moved on to the carrier and then restrained when in place. Damage to paintwork is easily done, but also just as easily avoided with a blanket or padding pre-arranged as necessary.

Most vehicle transporters will require your vehicle to be driven on to them via ramps. It’s worth checking with your vehicle delivery service if their driver will complete that task or if it’s something that needs to be arranged by yourself. Ideally the delivery driver should be the one to do this, he will have far more experience than you and is less likely to miss the ramps, bump your vehicle or cause any potential damage. Again, check before agreeing to the contract.

Covered vehicle transportation is available for prestige or luxury cars, particularly sports cars, classic or kit cars, or prototype vehicles. There may be a slight additional cost, but it will be well worth it to protect your vehicle from the dust and grime of travel, as well as keep it away from public eyes.

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