Planning a day’s journey, transporters running efficiently

As a transporter, you know that the more jobs you can do, the more money you can bring in. However, picking too many is how you end up spinning too many plates and disappointing customers. Get your journey to maximum efficiency with these simple ideas.


Plan your route:

journey mapping

Fail to plan, plan to fail. When it comes to particularly busy days making sure you know exactly where your going can ease the pressures on your navigational skills. You can use services like the route planner the AA provides, or simply map it out on your Sat nav. A lot of them can give you traffic alerts as well.



Ordered list

Make sure you know where to journey first:

When you’re doing multiple journeys in a single day knowing where to go first is important. This goes back to bidding on jobs. When you see one you can do, look at the other jobs you’ve got scheduled and try to order them so one flows into the other.


Don’t do too many:

At the end of the day you are only one person. One person can only do so many things in one day. Therefore work within your means, if you have multiple jobs in one area already another one a county over might take too long to be allowed. If you are doing a long journey try to find jobs that start in a nearby area and end nearby too.


Leave margin for error:Sand-Timer

While you should be turning up on time, try to aim to get nearby a little bit earlier than you say you will. This means that if something sudden comes up you have a chance to still arrive on time. Should it be impossible to arrive on time, make sure you let the customer know.


Know when to focus on a job:

Sometimes a job is too big not to take. If the job goes across the entire country or even to another one, it may require special attention, therefore other jobs may need to take a back seat. If it’s an especially large job as well smaller ones can be viewed as less important too.


Getting more jobs does equal more pay, but if you sacrifice quality you’ll only hurt yourself in the long run. Therefore when going on a day’s journey this ideas will help you run as efficiently as possible.


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