Get rid of the clutter in 2019

Fresh Start to the new year, de-clutter your home, clear some space and maybe make some money.

get rid of clutter


The new year is a typical time where we take stock, make some resolutions and try to be positive about the upcoming year. Some of this is a purely mental task, some is physical, and some relates to our environment.

For your individual environment try to clear some space, have a look around you space and see what you need or want. If it doesn’t bring you pleasure or serve a purpose do you need it?

The strange chest of drawers holding jumpers form yesteryear that you didn’t open in 2018, the side table that only served to gather dust last year or the cycling machine that would be best replaced with an actual clothes hanger.  Clear them out!

Many people put off this type of clear out as they think its to complicated or time consuming, this isn’t the case. That drawers set or exercise bike may not add value to you but will do to someone else. Its simple:

List that clutter on ebay, Gumtree or any number of auction or sale sites.

Obviously some of these will be large items so will be for pick up but instead add the details of Delivery Quote Compare to the listing so potential customers can receive free quotes, often before bidding, to ensure they know the value and how east it is to get the items collected and delivered to them.

Hopefully they win, you remove some clutter and fill 2019 with more worthwhile things or activities.

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