Finding Delivery Jobs

delivery jobsIf you’re in the delivery business and looking for more work, DQC is one of the best places to start. Our online marketplace is full of people looking for help moving parcels, packages, furniture, pallets and freight from A to B, so there’s no reason you couldn’t get started today!

To make it easier for you to find delivery jobs that suit you and your business, DQC is searchable in a number of different ways. All delivery jobs listed on the marketplace are placed in a category, allowing you to pick and choose one or more categories to work from. You can refine that category search further with keywords to help narrow down your search for something specific if needed.

If you’re just wanting to see what’s available in, say, furniture deliveries, then selecting only the furniture category would give you all furniture delivery requests registered to DQC regardless of the location. Of course, that’s no use to you, so the refine search section further down the page allows you to, surprise, refine your search.

Local search will help you find any jobs within a specified radius of the postcode you enter. You can even request pick up or delivery be within that area to help you put together routes to cover all your jobs.

Alternatively, route search can help you find any jobs along a particular route you may already have planned, or narrow down further to just the return section of the route to make your delivery journey’s more cost effective.

Finally, for those who delivery internationally, you can search by country, again with pick up or delivery specifically set to the country of your choice. Our customers are located all over the world, with deliveries requested for international locations on a daily basis, helping you to keep costs to a minimum where empty space needs to be filled.

Once you’ve found the job (or jobs) you want to complete it’s time to enter your bid. Make your price fair, build up your reputation with our customers to gain good feedback and always respond to enquiries quickly and politely. Soon the jobs will be rolling in!

Even better, there’s no sign up fee or monthly membership fees. If your bid wins the job then you pay a percentage on a sliding scale based on the size of the agreed price. The minimum you can expect to pay per job is a fiver plus VAT, no hidden costs and no excuses that there’s money to pay out before you can even get started. So what are you waiting for? Sign up to DQC today!

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