Dissimilar types of van insurance

Van Insurance
There are many different types of insurance available for your van depending on what you may need it for. You may just need the basic insurance that will cover you for fire, theft and accident or you may need it for a little more so it’s important that you are covered correctly for your specific needs and requirements.

Different van insurance and what it covers

There are three different types of van insurance available. These are 3rd party, fully comprehensive and 3rd party (Fire and theft). Third party is the minimum requirements by law for any insurance. This type of insurance will not cover you for theft, damage or loss but third party (fire and theft will). As for fully comprehensive cover this not only covers you like third party would but also for accidental damage. You will always be covered whatever the consequences.

How much will van insurance cost?

Insurance prices vary depending on the make and model of your van but prices can also be added on for work vans for example, contents, overseas, legal protection and breakdown. All the obvious extras you will need to drive a van for work.

What if my van is for work purposes?

If you use your van for business use, it will be classed as a commercial van but should you be required to be driving other vans as part of your job then you will need extra cover for equipment or tools stored in your van and possibly also cover for overseas travelling, breakdown and contents cover. Delivery companies and couriers need to make sure they have the correct insurance.

Can I be insured to drive other peoples vans?

If your insurance policy covers it yes and if you also have the permission of the owner of the vehicle. Its important to check what you can be covered for whilst driving other people vans as your insurance cover may only cover the vans goods and not actually yourself during an accident.

With all this extra cover I may need, how can I keep van insurance costs down?

There are many ways to help you keep costs down on your van insurance, here are a few pointers:-

  • Storing your van in a garage will reduce the risk of vandalism and theft
  • Adding an alarm or immobiliser to your van, will lower costs
  • If you pay a higher excess price, this will lower the cost of your policy in the long run.
  • Placing an “am I a good driver” sticker to the rear of your van asking fellow drivers for feedback to the workplace will also bring down van insurance.

Where can I get van insurance from?

You can get a van insurance policy from all the high street companies. Search the web where you will come across the best deal for you.

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