Different Options For Parcel Delivery

Parcel DeliverySo you have got a parcel that has to be delivered, but do you know which type of service to choose to get your parcel delivered on time and at the right price. Do you choose express delivery or door to door.

Logic says that the cheaper the service, the longer the parcel will take longer to deliver, and that is true in a lot of cases and something to take into consideration when choosing a delivery method, but as you know there are always exceptions to every rule. If time isn’t an issue but the cost is, sending a parcel on a two day delivery service will be one of the cheapest options available.

Express delivery is a lot faster. Within the UK you could overnight your parcel, or send it the same day. Same day is more expensive but it can be done if you are organised early enough. Timed next day is also an option, If you need to make sure that your parcel is delivered before a certain time. The options for a time slot you want the parcel to be delivered in are usually pre-9am, pre-10am or pre-noon, and parcels are available to be tracked so you can be sure of delivery.

Door to door doesn’t need any explanation. Not all parcel delivery services offer collection from a specific address, or even delivery to a specific address. The door to door service enables you to book a service that will collect from the address of your choice and deliver into the hands of someone at the address of your choice. Costs vary, so we advise you to do some research if cost is an important factor. Similar services exist for international deliveries, however destination will have an impact on when the parcel can be delivered.

Of course, if you use Delivery Quote Compare to get great low cost quotes (and for free!) then you’re going to be paying lower prices than those quoted direct. Use DQC to find reputable parcel delivery companies, fill out your details for the parcel you want to send, and let them offer you competitive low cost quotes.

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