Car transport – the festival season

Despite the rain last week, the British summer is well on its way and with it comes the festival season, not only for music but for cars too!

You’ve spent all your spare time (and cash) getting your classic car just right over the last few years and now you want to show it at some of the best events on the continent, but the last thing you want to do is drive it a few thousand miles (that would just undo all the hard work!).

Car transport can be a tricky thing, as there are so many factors which affect how it will be transported. There are two options when organising a car delivery; you can either have it delivered on a trailer or have the car driven.

If your car is road legal (and you think it will make it!), a professional car delivery driver is often the cheapest method. The car is delivered using trade plates, which means a car with a current MoT but that is perhaps unregistered or has no tax can be driven on public roads by a ‘trade plater’.

If you’ve got a few cars to deliver, or the car isn’t roadworthy or legal, you might well find that a car transporter quote service is a more cost effective solution. The types of transporters vary from single car transporters to those capable of carrying lots of vehicles. The costs will also vary according to the type of car delivery service you require; you might need an open, flatbed trailer suitable for just one vehicle or a covered vehicle for luxury or classic car transport.

Once you’ve decided on the method can help you find the best transport company to deliver your vehicle at the right price.

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