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Planning a day’s journey, transporters running efficiently


As a transporter, you know that the more jobs you can do, the more money you can bring in. However, picking too many is how you end up spinning too many plates and disappointing customers. Get your journey to maximum efficiency with these simple ideas.   Plan your route: Fail to plan, plan to fail. […]

Volkswagen LT - van delivery vehicle

Tips on buying a used van, physical and legal


No transporter is complete without a van. It’s literally one of the two components of “Man in Van”. However purchasing one can be expensive, you can expect to pay between £20,000/£30,000 for a brand new van. Plus their resale value drops off a cliff as soon as you drive them off the dealer’s parking lot. […]

Delivery Quote Compare: How to get more quotes


Delivery Quote Compare allows customers easy access to transporters across the country. Because of this we get a lot of items put up for them to make quotes on. Following certain steps, you can get the highest number of quotes possible, and the best deal.   Be flexible on timing: The basic overview of this […]

Snooker table

Snooker tables, The bulkiest sports equipment


Pumps, Dart boards, Slot-machines. All things you can find in your local pub. You can find of course as the centrepiece of the far corner empty space, the snooker table. It’s a staple of times out drinking with buddies and missing the easiest shots. It’s also a sport worth millions with tables that have to […]

Antiques on the Road, make sure they’re safe


These beginners’ guidelines will give you invaluable assistance in keeping some bigger antiques in mint condition.   What our transporters can do for you and your antiques   Using DQC can help you find the best transporters for the job at hand. Most will offer protective blankets and straps for the journey your antiques will […]

Getting your car moved from A to B


Cars are simple machines. They help carry you from one place to another. Sometimes however, they need carrying. . Or the place the car is going is too far away for you to drive it. Either way, you need a transporter. What many people don’t realise are some of the important details you have to […]

Student Life, moving between halls to home


You’re at University, student life is awesome. You’re doing well at your studies (Hopefully) and everything is set up how you like it. But you need to get something bulky from home. Or maybe you’re at the end of the year and you’re moving out of halls and into a student apartment. Either way, . […]

Navigation for when satnav fails you


For our transporters, navigation is incredibly important. It allows them to transports goods around the country without knowing exactly where the destination is going to be beforehand. They travel thousands of miles each day and most use Satnavs to make their way. These devices are a great navigation aid that shows the path to any […]