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Listing summary

Modern upright piano. No access issues.

Job ref: 612307 Date listed: 11-01-2018
Bids: 1 (0 active) Lowest bid: £150.00


Collect from:

BA4 6RZ United Kingdom

Deliver to:

SW6 7DY United Kingdom


Approx. 125 miles


Economy (7-10 days)


Economy (7-10 days)

Listing description

People required: 1 person (I can help)
Quantity: 1
Dimensions: 1.52 x 0.56 x 1.14 m
Bid Amount Submitted Expires
tesla_couriers (1143) £150.00 11-01-2018 Accepted


Question: Hi, when do you want the collection/delivery? Thanks Mike - tesla_couriers (11-01-2018)
Hello - it's not desperately urgent, but would need confirmation of which days it was going to be collected/ delivered in advance so that I can ensure my parents are at home for collection. When is your next slot available? Thanks, C.
Question: Hi,
Please advise if both ends are ground floor and if there will be somebody available to help or you need a 2 man team from our end. Once we receive your confirmation, we will consult our agenda and provide with our availability.
Mike - tesla_couriers (11-01-2018)
Response: Both ends are ground floor with no access issues. There will be somebody to held at both collection and delivery. Thanks.
Question: We can collect it on Monday 15th or Friday 19th and deliver within 1, 3 business days. We have a piano trolley, a tail lift and with additional help we can go ahead.
Let me know when is more convenient for you.
Mike - tesla_couriers (11-01-2018)
Response: Thanks Mike - let me get back to you on whether 15 or 19 works for collection. How far in advance can you tell me the date it would arrive? I'd need to work from home for that day.
Question: A day beefore arrival, our manager will schedule the route for next day and will contact each side directly to confirm the 3 hours window of arrival that suits us both parts. We will not come if we have no confirmation that someone is available.
Looking forward to your decision.
Mike - tesla_couriers (11-01-2018)
Response: Thanks Mike. Let's proceed - do you still have availability to collect on Monday 15? Charles
Question: Hi Charles,
Yes, we do. Go ahead and accept us, pay the deposit and complete the form with all addresses and contact details. Once we receive the confirmation from site, we will book your order and take care of the rest.
Waiting for your order.
Mike - tesla_couriers (12-01-2018)
Response: Done. Let me know once you know the collection timeframe. Regarding the collection, my mother will be at the property in Somerset on Monday (she is in her 50s but very active so will be able to help) - but if you need a man or somebody capable of heavy lifting, please advise. Charles
Question: Thank you for accepting us Charles.
We will keep her updated, don't worry.
Mike - tesla_couriers (12-01-2018)
Response: No response yet