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Whenever you need to arrange car transport, we simplify the complex language surrounding car transport to provide you with affordable and dependable quotes from expert car courier companies. These specialists can collect and delivering your vehicle at your preferred location and time.

Whether you’re organising transport in the UK or looking for an international car pick-up service, is a one-stop shop for reviewing and comparing quotes from hundreds of specialistcar transport companies.

Our online service is entirely free to use and could save you up to 75% on your car transport costs in the process. Below, you’ll find everything you need to know about the world of vehicle collection and delivery. Read on to find out more or get started on finding tailored car recovery quotes with our comparison tool above. 

What are the main car transport methods available? 

There are two main methods of vehicle transportation when organising a car delivery service in the UK or Europe: by trailer or having the car driven.

If your car is road legal, opting for a professional vehicle collection driver to get the vehicle and drive it to your destination is often the cheapest method. The car is delivered using trade plates, which means any car with a valid MOT (including vehicles that are untaxed or unregistered) can be driven on the public roads by what is called a ‘trade plater’. 

If you’ve got a number of cars to deliver, or the car isn’t roadworthy or legal, you might well find that a car transport service is a more cost-effective solution. The types of car transporters will vary from single car transporters to those capable of carrying multiple vehicles. It’s also worth bearing in mind there are different types of car moving services out there that offer certain specialisms over others.

For example, there are transport companies with a primary focus on international car shipping, while others are specialist classic car carriers. Then you’ve got plenty of reputable generalists.

The good news is we’ll get you quotes from all the services relevant to you, so you can decide on the best option for your car transport needs.

How much does car transport cost?

How much to transport a car, then? It’s the big question, and one which there’s no set answer for, as costs will vary according to the type of car delivery service you require.

Many factors go into determining your car shipping costs, including the method of transport you require, the number and type of cars involved, the route and the nature of service you opt for.

For example, the pricing for a standard, single flatbed open trailer will differ from a more protected transit at the luxury end of the market in classic car transport. Likewise, a quick domestic A to B job will be much cheaper than an international shipment. Getting an idea on price is what we’re here for, though, and a tailored quote is only a few clicks away.

Once you’ve given us a few details about your car transport needs, we can give you hundreds of vehicle recovery quotes that’ll help you get an idea of pricing for your job. Hopefully, you’ll get a deal you like the look of too.

Who should use a professional car collection service?

There are a whole host of reasons why you might need an experienced car transporter. You might have bought or sold a car on eBay, you might be a specialist garage arranging car removal services for a client, perhaps you’re arranging car transportation for a track day, or you’ve simply bought a car at auction.

Whatever your reasons, the type of car and your budget will dictate how you’ll want to be transported for example, your car is destined for scrap then you’ll want the cheapest car transport method available.

On the other hand, fleet car managers needing to arrange transport for several vehicles will need a multi-car transport service. Specialist kit car builders and classic car owners might want a covered car transport solution to protect their pride and joy from prying eyes, as well as the dust and dirt on the road.

Similarly, prestige cars, luxury sports cars, racing cars and even prototypes will need the car collection service to be as discrete as possible. And for anyone organising classic car delivery, the car must arrive at its destination as pristine as it was when it left.

Of course, you don’t have to be in the car industry to need a vehicle delivery service. The most common enquiries we receive are from individuals who’ve bought a car on the internet or are in the Armed Forces and want a car moving abroad. Whatever the reason for shifting that car, we can help you coordinate the transportation.

What about international vehicle collection?

If you’re moving cars into or out of the UK, you need a specialist car transport service that will be able to advise you on the procedures and shipping documentation required. There are two main options in this regard, the first of which is a dedicated car shipping service that transports your vehicle in a container.

This is the most secure way of shipping your car, but not necessarily the cheapest. The other option is a roll-on/roll-off car shipment whereby your vehicle is driven onto the vessel and secured on or beneath the deck.

This is a cheaper form of car transportation that is typically favoured by large vehicle manufacturers. Because we work with hundreds of European car couriers, we can tell you exactly how much it is to ship a car internationally – just fill in your details at the top of the page.

Why use professional car collection services?

There are several benefits to using a car transport service over transporting the car yourself:

Cost: Believe it or not, it’s often more cost-effective to pay for a professional service rather than take a DIY approach.

Expertise: You’ll be putting your vehicle in the very safe hands of car couriers who know exactly what they’re doing when it comes tosecure and efficient delivery.

Reduction of risk: Transporting a car yourself, particularly if it’s valuable, can be a hugely stressful and risky process. Professional car pick-up services provide the insurance protection and expert knowledge that removes any personal damage liability and risk from the journey.

Save time: Car transport is a time-consuming and demanding process for any individual. Opting for professional help will mean the job is done as quickly as possible and allow you to focus your time elsewhere.

Getting the best car collection and delivery quotes with

No matter the service you require, getting the quotes for it is simple. Enter your requirements and we’ll sort out the rest, giving you tailored car transport quotes from hundreds of reputable professionals.

To get the best quotes, you need to find a car transporter returning “empty” in your area. By this, we mean if you can find couriers who are driving outward or return journeys unloaded, you should be able to find much better prices.

That’s where we come in handy – we’ll help you find services that have spare capacity to fill, otherwise known as “back loads”. When you enter your details into our comparison tool, we’ll find car couriers with suitable back load schedules to fill, which will get you extremely competitive prices.

Some good things to know about your car delivery service

If you select a driven car delivery service, you can expect the driver to do a pre-journey collection and delivery check to make sure the car has arrived in the same state as when it left. It’s also important you check to ensure the car courier has sufficient insurance cover for your vehicle for peace of mind.

If not, most companies will be happy to increase it for a small additional fee. Weight is also important when it comes to car delivery services.

A car transporter must respect gross vehicle weight (GVW) limits, which is the weight of the towing vehicle, plus its trailer and the car(s) loaded onto it. If this exceeds the maximum, the car transporter is operating outside of VOSA rules. If the GVW is more than 3.5 tonnes, the car transport firm will also need an operator’s licence.

For that extra peace of mind, look out for a car delivery service provider who is also a member of the Car Transport Association, which represents individuals and companies that provide car transportation services across the UK and Europe.

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